52 Weeks of Music


One album per week for a year.

Why? My partner Bron doesn’t really share my love of music. She only really enjoys a limited collection of music and to my great dismay the High School Musical sound tracks feature highly.

Late in 2008 she asked me to give her one CD to listen to per week for a year to see if she can develop a broader taste. I immediately said ok, but the more I thought about it the more fun this project sounded. I think the audio itself is only one part of music appreciation – the stories, the history and the web of influences bring the music to life.

…and so the project quickly grew to include this blog.

So each week I’m going to do some research, pick an album or a collection of songs of my choosing and write a post here about what I’ve picked & why. I’m hoping to trace out the roots of all the music I love so it’s going to a strange and meadering journey.

This isn’t meant to be a definitive or comprehensive list of albums, it’s just *my* list aimed at an audience of one. There will be no Beatles, no Elvis, no Bob Marley and no Colette. It’s not that these people haven’t contributed wonderful music to the world, it’s just that they never meant that much to me.

If at the end of the year High School Musical is still what she’s into that’ll be fine, hopefully I’ll have learnt a hell of a lot and listened to some good music along the way.


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  1. Bron said, on January 14, 2009 at 11:27 pm

    Musically Challenged is how I’d describe myself.

    My mind is usually on non-musical matters.
    I listen to Radio National instead of music in my car.
    If I haven’t heard a song before I probably won’t like it.
    My Sharona has been my favourite song since I heard it in Reality Bites 14 years ago.
    At best, music to me is something to dance to. And I love to dance.

    But. I don’t understand music the way Mark does. Don’t have the appreciation that so many other people do. Can’t describe how one group/song/artist is influenced by another and why or how, or even use the correct terminology to talk about what I like and don’t like.

    Partly I blame my parents who wouldn’t let me buy the Christian Heavy Metal tape I wanted in 6th grade and for worrying that radio-listening would make me turn into a manual labourer.

    So when Mark and I were discussing if getting older means being unable to change and I was like, hell no! anyone can change any time they want to, it got me thinking.

    I could change. And I asked Mark to help me.

    I will listen to one CD a week for a year (hopefully good ones) and if by the end I would still rather listen to HSM or sit in silence then at least I can say I tried.
    I tried to hear goddammit! I tried!

    Can we cultivate in me a refined musically palette?

    Let’s see.

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